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Thrust back into the world of dating after a breakup, Joey Lauren came to a realization: her dates were more attracted to her confidence and genuine smile than they were her clothes and shoes. One night, when a date leaned in for a good night kiss, Joey's entrepreneurial future flashed before her eyes. She would create a secret weapon—a lip balm and mint drop in one, designed to inspire incredible confidence in everyone who used it. At that very moment, Kissamint™ and Joey's trademark "KAM-do" attitude were born.


Drawing on her experience working at the New York Post's Page Six magazine, a love of makeup passed down by her makeup artist mother, and the kind of "I'll show you" determination only a bad breakup can inspire, Joey went to work. Research showed her that eight out of ten women used both a lip treatment AND a breath freshener, but no one had ever thought of packaging them together. So Joey began traveling the globe, researching lip treatments, ingredients, and flavors, and—like a sommelier pairing wine with food,—determined the perfect compliMINTary duo for each Kissamint treatment. Lastly, she created a stylish, iconic package designed to revolutionize the breath and beauty industry.

Her first Kissamint flavor—Spearamint Ur Ex—is a nod to the breakup that started it all. Its red, luxurious lip balm and spearmint-vanilla drop are the perfect way to take on the world with a mesmerizing smile and a KAM-do attitude of your own!

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